Pango Solutions
Tracking Script Installation
Secure your competitive edge in cookieless marketing with lost data bypass collection.
Server-side Tracking
Establish a dedicated server for advertisers to bypass client-side blocking of potential customer data collection, previously reliant on cookies.
Media Script Installation
By installing structured scripts tailored to each media, it becomes possible to track visitor behavior and achieve data-driven growth.
Ecommerce Script Installation
We provide custom development/operations services for hyper-personalized marketing using Ecommerce scripts.
Pango has been granted full access to the Google Ads API by Google, allowing us to customize solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
As an essential element for efficient ad budget management and natural traffic growth, we provide content production solutions through GPT-based situation analysis.
App Store Optimization(ASO)
Increase the likelihood of app downloads through big data-based Pango ASO.
Automated Ad Operations
Efficiently manage ads through a variety of generative AI-powered ad operations solutions.
Search Ad Solutions
A. Keyword Stream
Understand customer intent and discover potential customer keywords through search sequences.
B. Keyword Conversion
Analyze the efficiency of keywords that trigger conversions and automatically add them to exact match searches.
C. Automated Bidding for Search Ad
Pango AI Bot manages keywords 24/7 to maintain desired rankings.
Custom Engine
We provide custom development/operations services for hyper-personalized marketing using Ecommerce scripts.
AI Automated Reports
We provide a custom report generation service by generating consolidated report based on integrated media data and selecting desired campaigns.
Content Targeting
We offer a service where ads can be displayed only on web pages, news articles, and YouTube videos related to the product/service, ensuring precise content targeting.
Brand Safety
We provide services that ensure advertisers' brands generate only positive images through natural language analysis of pages and sentiment analysis of articles, reviews, comments, etc.
TVC Data Analysis
Compare TV advertising with digital media data to identify the target audience for the product/service and indirectly assess the performance.
Database Digitalization
Digitize and analyze offline inbound data for enhanced learning and conversion maximization.
Introducing Pango, the AI-powered MarTech platform for performance optimization