Marketing Strategy
Utilize Pango AI to analyze data and derive insights, enabling the formulation of tailored strategies aligned with KPIs.
Pango AI platform optimizes performance results.
Elevate your efficiency and performance with seamless digital advertising operations powered by Pango AI.
GA4 Dashboard
Understand page visits and customer journeys through GA4 data visualization
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AI Data Analytics
Analyze scattered data and gain insights through Pango AI
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Keyword Solutions
Check the search volumes of related keywords on Naver and Google, and the recommended keywords from Pango AI
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Keyword Stream
Identify user intent from search data, including search sequences and interest keywords
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AI Chat Bot - Pangsooni
Ask Pangsooni anything from digital marketing questions to data interpretation
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TVC Data Analysis
Compare the data from TVC and digital media to assess the efficiency of TVC
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Introducing Pango, the AI-powered MarTech platform for performance optimization