AI-powered Advertising Operations
Advertising Engine
Utilize Pango’s proprietary developed advertising engine to efficiently manage KPIs and automate rule settings.
Content Targeting
Deliver the right message to the right audience for your ads.
Brand Safety
Protect your corporate brand value through effective management of potential content exposure risks.
Pango AI platform optimizes performance results.
Elevate your efficiency and performance with seamless digital advertising operations powered by Pango AI.
Unified Dashboard
Seamlessly connect and manage your Goolge, Naver, Kakao, Meta, and other accounts from a single, unified dashboard.
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Media Mix Generation
Generate optimized media mixes across campaign types, including search, display, and video with the power of AI automation.
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Automate the creation of ad creatives, from headlines to engaging content, across platforms like Google, Naver, and Meta.
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Search Ad Auto-Bidding
Achieve your desired ranking and optimize ad spend with 24/7 AI-powered bidding managed by Pango AI Bot.
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AI-Automated Reports
Generate comprehensive reports in Excel or Powerpoint format, covering up to 62 days of data with a single click.
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Advertising Engine
Leverage a wide range of ad engines, including content targeting and brand safety solutions, to expand your reach and effectiveness.
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Introducing Pango, the AI-powered MarTech platform for performance optimization